Insight Alchemy 76

I offer 4 different options for working together:


When a higher perspective will help you tackle that pressing issue, important meeting, new business pitch…

Reconnection Sessions
Nicky Pattinson – Business Connection Expert

“Veronica is my ‘HEAD STRAIGHTENER’. JUST BOOK AN HOUR. It’s like speaking to your OWN HIGHER SELF!!!!”

#1   Clarity Reset

One-to-one conversations about what’s on your mind

Clarity Reset will get from where you are now to being ready for what you do next.

These sessions bridge the gap between what’s causing the issue you’re facing and what you are willing to do about it.

The aim is for you to come out feeling lighter, calmer and equipped with a fresh point of view.

I’ve come to believe that Self-awareness is the most valuable currency there is for these times. I’ve encountered a number of challenges in my career and undertaken some deep personal work which has led me to more original thinking and an ability to question the ‘norm’.

I help my clients to get free of what’s holding them back, so they can start to see what else is available.

You can sense a new way of going about life is in order but are unsure how to tap the deeper space of awareness within.

Transformation Programme
Tina R. – Special Services Facilitator

“Veronica always met me with a smile, warmth and cup of tea! Although her knowledge and expertise exude themselves throughout the coaching and mentoring process, it is much more than that, which makes her special. The combination of her intuitive nature, heart centred approach and imagination creation tools set her apart from the rest! Veronica…

#2   Elevate to Freedom

An 8-week 1:1 coaching programme that will transform your reality.

** Also available for groups of 4 to 8 participants.

Elevate to Freedom is an in-depth programme designed to renew your way of thinking.

This programme is unlike anything you’ll have come across. The approach is fresh – we don’t go fixing what already is, we learn about the source of the creative process… and THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING.

  • Explore what makes you tick
  • Help you to understand and communicate your power
  • Uncover the source of your stress
  • Lessen, if not eradicate your fears
  • Have better access to your inner guidance system
  • Get you excited by the idea of uncertainty
  • Expand your boundaries of thought and creativity, and more…

I know what it means to want to be in control of your own destiny. I’ve built businesses from the ground up as well as reimagined the things I’d previously created. It requires courage to let go and to get comfortable with not knowing what’s in store.

I help my clients get reinvigorated, sharing with them the real way we were meant to create in this life so that they can step into their flow.


It’s simply not productive or conducive to try to decide everything on your own.

Mentoring Packages
Astrid S. – Remedial Therapy Specialist

“I consulted Veronica about how to change the direction of my business. She is very sharp at identifying what was holding me back and dealing with it. She remembers every detail from the previous sessions so the process became a coherent development. Her methods for action planning and timeline are great, as well as her…

#3   Enterprising Initiative

3 | 6 | 12 month mentoring packages

Are you looking for a mentor who has run her own businesses, has brand expertise and a strong grounding in personal growth?

You want impartial guidance, someone to help you see what you can’t, someone who’ll support you in shaping your business according to what serves both your customers – AND YOU – brilliantly and practically.

I’ve seen life from two perspectives – the one I thought was expected of me and the one I’ve always wanted to create. Something I’ve learnt – which never lets me down – is to notice when I’ve taken a wrong turn and self-correct.

I help my clients stay on track. I share what I know and challenge their thinking. I encourage them to lean into their intuition and question their motives. I’m interested in their wellbeing, as well as the health of their business.

Mentoring is a personal relationship and not a one size fits all solution. Choosing the right mentor is as much down to gut instinct as it is timing. If you’d like to explore the possibilities then get in touch for an initial chat.

As the world changes, so do the needs and desires of the people within it.

Brand Workshop
Janet E. – Energy Healer and Change-Maker

“Veronica is guided by the infinite realms of love and beauty and easily shares that which inspires me and others. Her creative vision and clarity of expression are unmatched. She has a unique combination of gifts that seamlessly allow her to upshift the experience of me and all she interacts with in expansive and profound ways. Her humour, kindness and lightness of heart help me relax and find greater joy and connection to those deeply Divine and infinite parts of ourselves. There are no limitations when working with Veronica and possibilities for bright, new ideas and ways of being open up synchronistically!”

#4   Conscious Imaginings

A tailored workshop to explore the potential of your brand

Brands tell stories about those who buy them. They spark connections, reflect values and fill holes that people don’t know how to fill themselves.

These workshops are for passionate brand creators who are launching, looking to refresh or developing their reach and portfolio. They are structured as CREATIVE EXPLORATIONS designed to advance your thinking and help you align with the new world order we are emerging into. Together, we explore concepts and consciousness, as well as how to infuse heartfelt qualities that will deepen the customer experience.

  • Expand the understanding of your brand reach to see what it might be capable of
  • Personify your brand so that it touches multiple aspects of your customers ideals
  • Extend your brand’s portfolio into new products, services and industry sectors
  • Inject your brand with creative edge and pioneer its future
  • Discover how to express your unique vision using the voice of your brand
  • Overhaul your brand essence and deepen its connections with the collective energy
  • Add an elemental twist to your brand personality for stand out and assertion

I’ve worked with brands my entire career and have an idea about the relationships they inspire. They spark the imagination, as captured by the magic of story-telling. Brands have life in them, but they need to be nurtured, cultivated, pushed and shaped.

I help my clients see their brand’s creative potential, so that they can serve their audience at the highest level.

Insight Alchemy 76

Insight Alchemy is not about trying to change who you are… it’s about finding a whole new seat of Freedom from which to engage with life.