R. Moussa – Intuitive Coach
“Before working with Veronica, I had a massive fear of failing and my anxiety around communication (in larger groups and difficult situations) had risen to a degree where I found myself debilitated and frozen when I needed to speak up. Over many years I tried many strategies to help me such as visualisations, breathing techniques, CBT, narrative therapy amongst others, but with no success.
Before I reconnected with Veronica, I was having panic attacks in front of all my peers, unable to think, speak or regulate myself appropriately for the remainder of the meetings.
Thanks to the specific issues we worked through, my understanding of my consciousness developed and I have realigned my anxiety to follow my heart’s desire. I am currently preparing to launch a new direction in how I work and support others facing difficulties in their lives.”
Astrid S. – Remedial Therapy Specialist

“I consulted Veronica about how to change the direction of my business. She is very sharp at identifying what was holding me back and dealing with it. She remembers every detail from the previous sessions so the process became a coherent development. Her methods for action planning and timeline are great, as well as her encouragement. What I liked in particular is that I had to come up with my own answers and ideas so I feel I really own the steps I have identified to move forward. Highly recommended to get more joy out of life!”

Janet E. – Energy Healer and Change-Maker

“Veronica is guided by the infinite realms of love and beauty and easily shares that which inspires me and others. Her creative vision and clarity of expression are unmatched. She has a unique combination of gifts that seamlessly allow her to upshift the experience of me and all she interacts with in expansive and profound ways. Her humour, kindness and lightness of heart help me relax and find greater joy and connection to those deeply Divine and infinite parts of ourselves. There are no limitations when working with Veronica and possibilities for bright, new ideas and ways of being open up synchronistically!”

Anna G. – Coach & Mentor

“Before my time with Veronica I was feeling anxious, caught up in sad emotion and feeling insecure about myself. I was thinking about starting my own business and was caught up in doubt and fear of failure. Veronica guided me into slowing down and tapping into my own inner peace and wisdom. Before long I was feeling peaceful, confident, happy, grateful and excited about my potential and the possibilities for the business I am going to create. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life.”

G. Raja – Founder, Legal & Governance Hub

“During the business coaching session Veronica provided an alternative way of trying to manage a busy mind through a powerful visualisation which made me feel at ease. Some very useful techniques of looking at thoughts and feelings and how they are interlinked. Thank you.”

Lesley Ord – HR and Community Manager

“Just wanted to say, a big thank you for today (a whole hour flew by)… I seldom (well never actually) get a chance to talk about such things with anyone – let alone someone so authentically living it.

Being able to voice the thoughts and ideas going around in my head and get an open, non-judgemental view helped me to calm down and tune into a deeper part of my heart.

Veronica has the gift of putting anyone at ease and making them feel valid. In just one session she helped me examine my motives and get clarity around a particular challenge I was facing. I came away feeling much happier with myself and ready for what’s next.”

Anna G. – Coach & Mentor

“The conversations I’ve have with Veronica have been some of the most impactful conversations I’ve ever had in my life. She has such a beautiful and calm aura about her that is soothing and healing. Her wisdom and guidance exudes helping to point you in the direction of your own inner wisdom and guidance. She is a truly a remarkable person and coach.”

Genevieve M. – Lawyer

“Veronica has a facility of drawing the truth out of any situation – once that tricky work of pinpointing areas to address is complete the challenge of taking effective action begins. Using a keen sensitivity and non-judgemental approach together with a wide and extraordinarily effective range of tools she works in a truly collaborative way making her not just a good but an excellent coach.”

Rita M. – Teacher and Entrepreneur

“When I first went to Veronica for support, I knew what I wanted but had little confidence in myself. I feared not being able to communicate what I was about to Veronica let alone potential clients.

Her exercises and ‘homework’ allowed me to hear and feel the negative thought patterns I had earned throughout my life experiences and work through them. I found that the more I worked on releasing these thought patterns, I naturally began surrounding myself with people rooting my success, and my confidence to create my company continually increased.

As a self-proclaimed over thinker, the imagination techniques were particularly effective for me. The journeys helped me to stop judging and critiquing everything I was doing and simply use my imagination, connecting and creating a vision for myself and my company that I believed in. This clarity allowed me to scaffold and strategise how to take steps towards my launch.

This process helped me launch my company, and within a 6 weeks I was working with 3 clients.

Thank you Veronica!”

Janet E. – Energy Healer and Change-Maker

“Veronica’s creative vision and clarity of expression are unmatched.”

Kashmira J. – Designer and Artist

“Veronica’s coaching has really helped me to focus on the important aspects of growing my small business. Her quick understanding on the nature of my work, together with her logical and targeted goals made it easy for me to visualise and plan my path forward. Veronica’s coaching style is supportive and non-confrontational but also firm and very quickly I was able to fulfil achievable tasks that she set for me. I would really recommend Veronica should you require any support for your business.”

Tina R. – Special Services Facilitator

“Veronica always met me with a smile, warmth and cup of tea!

Her knowledge and expertise exude themselves, yet it is much more than that which makes her special.

The combination of her intuitive nature, heart centred approach and understanding about how to access deeper levels of wisdom set her apart from the rest!

Anna G. – Coach & Mentor

“The conversations I’ve have with Veronica have been some of the most impactful conversations I’ve ever had in my life.”

Alexis D. – Tech Entrepreneur

“Veronica always has a way of putting thoughts and words across that’s like a healing balm for the mind and soul… and then she adds a touch of boosting vibes which awakens that confident part of me.”

Ryan R. – Dancer, Teacher and Mentor

“A really unique coaching experience. Veronica has a spiritual edge to her sessions that will leave you inspired, motivated and taking action toward your passion and goals. Highly recommended to get more joy out of life!”

Linda K. – Career Transition Coach

“Veronica is a natural and trusted leader. I find her to be perceptive with the ability to consistently say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time to guide me forward in business. In addition to this, she brings warmth, humour and guaranteed insights. I can hardly wait to be with her again.”

Nicky Pattinson – Business Connection Expert

“Veronica is my ‘HEAD STRAIGHTENER’. JUST BOOK AN HOUR. It’s like speaking to your OWN HIGHER SELF!!!!”

Elle M – Coach, empath and intuitive.

“Veronica is a true gem and of the rarest kind. Through working with her I felt a complete shift from my mind being in fear to remembering that I have the power to go inward to feel more balanced and less triggered. I was able to tap back into my energy and start the process of leaning into trust, surrender and acceptance. I kicked off the new year with implementing healthy habits that I had in place over the summer and slowly stopped doing and am committing to doing the work to help me stay in the flow vs getting in my head. What I learned from Veronica has been invaluable.”

William C. – Musician and Songwriter

“I highly recommend Veronica for anyone who wishes to dig deeper into their personal issues and reveal what’s beneath the surface. Having worked with her made me realise the core of my limiting beliefs and how I can turn them into powerful ones that will push me forward to reach for my goals. She does that in a very practical easy-going way yet quite deep and holistic. From the very first session I felt very encouraged and excited to accomplish my goal. I’m very grateful for all the wisdom shared, the a-ha moments and for the big push and clarity I much needed to be able to achieve my objectives.”