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Is it time to play bigger, resist less and step into a reality that scares your mind yet excites your heart?

Nicky Pattinson – Business Connection Expert

“Veronica is my ‘HEAD STRAIGHTENER’. JUST BOOK AN HOUR. It’s like speaking to your OWN HIGHER SELF!!!!”


One-to-one conversations about what you want next and what’s stopping you from getting it.

3 x In-depth sessions to explore and uncover what it is you long to be able to see, do or be that is not currently apparent in your life.

These sessions are designed to bring you a level of clarity and insight that will instantly change your perspective.

I help you to understand the next step to not only realising your vision but refining it to reflect who you are today, unencumbered by outdated perceptions.

I’ve come to believe that Self-awareness is the most valuable currency there is for these times. I’ve faced many business and personal challenges and with each new level of awareness, I’ve been able to navigate through the hard times and maximise the flow-state with increasing ease and acceptance.

Are you ready to discover a new way of being that delivers beyond what you thought possible for your life?

Tina R. – Special Services Facilitator

“Veronica always met me with a smile, warmth and cup of tea!

Her knowledge and expertise exude themselves, yet it is much more than that which makes her special.

The combination of her intuitive nature, heart centred approach and understanding about how to access deeper levels of wisdom set her apart from the rest!


Signature Programme.

An experiential programme to elevate your sense of Freedom & Potential.

The Limitless Thinking Success package is designed to renew your way of thinking. Unique in it’s content, guidance and practice materials, we explore the source of the human creative process and how to reconnect with the original blueprint of YOU.

  • Explore what makes you tick
  • Help you to understand and communicate your power
  • Uncover the source of your stress
  • Lessen, if not eradicate your fears
  • Have better access to your inner guidance system
  • Get you excited by the idea of uncertainty
  • Expand your boundaries of thought and creativity, and more…

I know what it means to want to be in control of your own destiny. I’ve built businesses from the ground up as well as reimagined the things I’d previously created. It requires courage to let go and to get comfortable with not knowing what’s in store.

I help my clients get reinvigorated, sharing with them the real way we were meant to create in this life so that they can step into their flow.


Are you in the business of safeguarding the mental robustness of personnel to avoid setbacks before they arise?

Nicky Pattinson – Business Connection Expert

“Veronica is my ‘HEAD STRAIGHTENER’. JUST BOOK AN HOUR. It’s like speaking to your OWN HIGHER SELF!!!!”

I’ve seen life from two perspectives – the one we live through perceived expectations and the one that reflects our true strengths. I’m interested in my clients capacity to strike a balance between these perspectives if not merge them. I share what I know about how to do this so they can bring their best game to the workplace, and learn to trust they can align their inner values and talents with the job at hand.


1, 2 or 3 hour wellbeing workshops to remedy and future-proof productivity dips.

These trainings are designed to develop the health of your business through supporting and educating its people.

They explore the workings of the mind within the context of the topic in discussion. The aim is to guide participants to connect with the innate sense of wellbeing and resilience within them. They cultivate an understanding of how to navigate challenges and proliferate opportunities for collaboration, inspiration and growth available to everyone.

Some popular topics:

  • Communication & Expression
  • Discernment & Confidence
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Mindset & Performance
  • Compassionate Teamwork
  • Personal Growth and Authenticity


Do you have a sense that another way to do business is emerging, one that is more in harmony with the natural order of life?


Signature Programme.

1.5 hour engaging talk about the human dimension of what lies behind mindset and how to master your experience.

These talks explain the Science behind the mechanics of the mind – The Principles of the Human Experience.

It is an introduction to the work I do and an understanding that is gaining momentum within the business community.

Alternatively we can tailored a talk to suit the needs of your business.

Insight Alchemy is not about trying to change who you are… it’s about finding a whole new seat of Freedom from which to engage with life.