“The future is not set. It is full of possibility but for the thinking that keeps us in a holding pattern and limits our capacity – or our willingness – to experience the creative power of the great unknown.”

(Source: National Science Foundation)

I’m an expert at helping people reach the natural creativity that exists beyond their conditioned mind.

I’m fascinated by the human experience and how we can create a richer one. I’ve never felt limited, but I’ve often felt trapped by my own beliefs and emotions. I’ve faced many personal and professional challenges, which has given me a depth and breadth of knowledge I use to guide others.

It took me until my 40s to fully comprehend that, as human beings, we have an intrinsic connection to the intelligent energy that inspires our very existence.

So, I made it my mission to discover what limits our potential and how we can feel at our best, more often… in spite of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

I worked on myself, undertook psychology trainings, consciousness workshops & coaching qualifications.
I started sharing what I discovered – to show people how to tap into their inner wisdom for the answers and personal awareness they seek.

Through programmes & workshops, guided experiences, and creative solutions, designed to support and assist transition, transformation and creation. For enterprising individuals, leaders and executives.

My passion is to help people look to their natural state of resourcefulness, from where healthy thinking & fresh concepts emerge.

If you want to evolve your capacity to handle life’s challenges while increasing the potential to achieve your goals & realise your dreams – or offer this opportunity to your employees – then let’s have a conversation.

Official Bio.

Veronica is a natural leader and an excellent communicator. She moves through life with a heartfelt curiosity and confidence. She is known to receive and deliver information with intelligence and a concise potency. People who get to know Veronica, trust and value what she brings forward.

In the 1990s Veronica established her credentials in the corporate arena. She was a board director at a multinational advertising agency, working for over 7 years on a variety of high profile FMCG accounts.

In 2000, Veronica founded and co-directed a business manufacturing, distributing, and marketing to retail – building a portfolio of 15 branded products, across 9 countries, in 4 languages. In 2015 she licensed the brand in order to move on to new pastures.

Veronica now runs a transformational practice, specialising in helping clients see how the blueprint behind the human experience shapes their life, in order to optimise wellbeing, creativity, and meaningful success.

She also acts as a facilitator and creative partner for concept & brand development, placing emphasis on powerfully serving the end user. In addition, Veronica owns a business which empowers people to uncover their true sense of Self using the imagination as a catalyst for connection.

Veronica is based in the UK. She has travelled extensively and has led retreats in Europe & Central America.

Insight Alchemy 76

Creating opportunities for fulfilling success, starts on the inside.

How we use our mind directly affects our capacity to grow, to discern and to tap into the ALIVENESS within each of us.

Traditionally, established practitioners believed it took YEARS for people to really change.

Thankfully, that no longer needs to be the case.

Our understanding of human behaviour is evolving and the emergence of a simpler, yet profoundly effective approach is helping people to not only change, but return to their natural psychological state of receptivity and wellbeing.

The evidence has spoken for itself. World-renowned psychologists, leadership consultants, N.L.P. coaches, therapists and many more have shifted how they work with clients and are seeing extraordinary results… more quickly and easily than anything they have seen before.