Hello, I’m Veronica, a coach and mentor for conscious entrepreneurs and leaders

My expertise is helping motivated individuals tap into their natural creativity, in order to make authentic choices based on their inherent gifts and talents.

The approach is experiential, using imagination to awaken new aspects of your creative soul, along with inspirational coaching techniques, to give you the tools to integrate this new way of being in your day-to-day life.

These are transformational times.

Our understanding of the nature of energy is evolving, through work undertaken in fields such as neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics. This is leading to new ways of thinking and living from the heart.

Tap into the wisdom of your heart’s intelligence and open the door to untold possibilities.

Coaching & Mentoring

Create from the expanded realms of your soul-driven potential.

Make progressive change in how you think and approach life’s pleasures and demands. The sessions are transformational. They serve to deepen your self-awareness so you can influence your outer environment in ways that are more conducive to your strengths and passions.

Heighten awareness of who you are as a leader in your field.


Creativity Breakthroughs

Give your inner vision a clear place in the world.

Uncover groundbreaking business strategies and ideas that will take your products and services to another level. The immersive workshops inspire the heart of your proposition and develop its identity for a new age of communication with your audience.

Learn how to reach into the soul of your unique creativity.